Empathy and biology research of adolescents' cognitions and emotions in autism (EMBRACE Autism)

The role of puberty and sex-hormones in autism symptomology -


Autism affects ~1% of children and is characterized by difficulties in social communication and restrictive interests. Autism is more frequently diagnosed in boys than in girls, and sex-hormones such as testosterone have a role in the underlying biology of autism. Puberty marks a period of hormonal change, but its influence on autism is unclear. In this research project we measure hormone levels during puberty and investigate their relationship to symptoms of autism, and social-cognition. Findings promise to unveil the effects of puberty on autism.

Main team members (click for more information)

Tslil Simantov

Ido Shalev



Observation lab - Building 97, room 127

Molecular biology lab - Building 96, room 423

1 David Ben Gurion Blvd

Be'er Sheva


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