Lab alumni


Michal Ron, MA in Developmental psychology

My research focused on risk factors for Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC). Specifically, the role of prenatal risk factors, such as maternal medical conditions and obstetric complications, and perinatal risk factors, such as pre-term labor and infant characteristics  in predicting autism diagnosis in the offspring. The data for this project has been collected by the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University.

I currently continue to work at the Bio-Empathy lab as part of the research project focusing on puberty in autism. Additionally, I will soon begin my developmental psychology internship.


Ornit Freudenstein, PhD

I am a certified developmental psychologist, working in the field of autism spectrum conditions.

My research focused on an important period of development - puberty, in youths diagnosed with autism, with a particular interest in understanding the association between circulating sex-hormones and autism symptomology and social cognition. 


My thesis was part of a larger study examining the development of empathy in children at risk, compared to children from normative families. My thesis  focused on emotional and cognitive empathy in the typical low-risk population, and how this is related to children's salivary cortisol levels.