The Bio-CEED study

The Biological correlates of Cognitive and Emotional Empathy Development

In this Israel Science Foundation funded study we are following children from their first to their third birthdays in order to characterize the developmental trajectories of empathy in a typically developing population. The study includes an in-depth measurement of emotional and cognitive empathy using multiple, including novel, measures (parental report, observations, eye-tracking).

In addition, we are particularly interested in investigating oxytocin and vasopressin as possible biological correlates of empathy development. The hormones are measured non-evasively, in saliva. 

Main team members (click for more information)

Liat Israeli-Ran



Observation lab - Building 97, room 127

Molecular biology lab - Building 96, room 423

1 David Ben Gurion Blvd

Be'er Sheva


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