The E-BEP study: Empathy - Biology, Environment, and Parenting

Children who were exposed to harsh environments are at higher risk for destructive short and long-term effects on physical and psychological well-being, and these effects may be mediated by empathy. In this study we are  investigating the effects of harsh rearing environments on empathy in young children. We are particularly interested in the differential effects of harsh environments on emotional and cognitive empathy.
We are also interested in investigating the biological correlates of these process, focusing on the role of the hormones oxytocin (social hormone) and cortisol (stress hormone).

Main team members (click for more information)

Adi Meidan

Adi Tomer

Sappir Saad



Observation lab - Building 97, room 127

Molecular biology lab - Building 96, room 423

1 David Ben Gurion Blvd

Be'er Sheva


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